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Simple Mortgage Payment Calculator

Are you thinking about a new mortgage but unsure of the how much it could cost? No matter if you are looking to uy a house or remortgage, you can use this simple mortgage calculator to get an idea of the monthly mortgage payments. 

All you have to do is adjust the numbers and press ‘calculate’. This will then give you an indication of the mortgage payment cost, based on the figures you use. 

You can use the sliders on the mortgage calculator to adjust the numbers, or simply type in the figures you want to use. Do consider that interest rates can vary significantly between mortgage providers. To be sure of how much you could afford feel free to get in touch for a chat about your situation. One of our experts will be happy to help.


Your total monthly payment

Principal & Interest:

It’s important to remember when using our mortgage payment calculator that the figures here are not personalised to any individual and should be used as an initial guide. There are many things that can effect the type of mortgage product you may qualify for. One of the most important factors to keep in mind is your historical credit behaviour. We would always advise checking your up-to-date credit report to be sure how things look. 

Yes, we are expert mortgage brokers. But, we’re also super friendly and want to make your experience and painless and enjoyable as possible. You can find out more about us and the mortgages we can help with throughout the website. Our simple mortgage calculator is great for giving you an idea of how much a mortgage will cost. However, sometimes you might just want to speak to an expert to get a better idea of how much you can afford on a mortgage. If you’d like to have a chat with an advisor about your situation, get in touch!