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Recently I’ve completed a number of complex mortgage cases. Typically the client may have have previously been told that they wouldn’t be able to get mortgage. They have been quite tricky cases But it’s always very rewarding to be able to tell someone you can actually help them get what they need!

Not possible you say???

£465,000 remortgage completed recently for my new clients in Leeds. They wanted to raise £55,000 for some big home improvements. Applicant 1 is a limited company director. He had slightly complex numbers around his company’s net profit and his personal income figures. They had been told previously that it wasn’t going to be possible due to this. Thankfully having access to the whole of market lenders and understanding each of their lending criteria I was able to place this case with the right lender and get them the money they needed for their home improvements. Happy clients!

In addition to this I also reviewed their existing protection policies. Following this review they now have a much more comprehensive life and critical illness policy in place. Also the lead applicant’s income protection policy has been brought inline with his most recent SA302 income figures. Smiles all around.

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