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Insurance can be an area people don’t like to talk about. Not because they don’t want it, but because the reason why we have insurances can sometimes be uncomfortable to think about. 

When advising a client on their mortgage, it is always best practice to take a good look at the protection they have in place. A Key part of the role of an advisor is to ensure that if the worst should happen, the client is adequately protected to ensure that there are no financial concerns to add to the picture.

Here are some of the insurance areas where we can offer our clients:

Personal Protection

  • Decreasing mortgage protection
  • Level term assurance
  • Family income benefit
  • Income protection

Business Protection

  • Business loan protection
  • Keyman cover
  • Relevant life cover
  • Shareholder protection

Specialist Life Insurance (business & personal)

If you have any of the following our specialist insurers may still be able to help you get the cover you need

  • Diabetes – Type 1 & 2
  • High BMI
  • Heart attack before the age of 40
  • High blood pressure

It may well be something we don’t like to talk about but if the time comes that you need insurance, don’t let it be too late. It’s not uncommon for people to spend £100-£200 a month on take-aways! Invest some of that in protecting you and your family.

If you already have policies that have been in place for a while then we can review them to make sure you have the best cover in place. Insurance providers are constantly improving the products they offer and most of my clients are always keen to have the best cover available to them and their family. Alternatively if you don’t currently have any insurance in place but you’d like to discuss your options Get In Touch.

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