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Expert Financing Solutions for Dental Practice and Pharmacy Purchases

Are you considering acquiring a dental practice or pharmacy? At Fifty-Nine Financial, we specialize in securing tailored financing solutions for healthcare transactions. With our extensive expertise and relationships with a wide range of lenders, we’re here to support you every step of the way.


The process made simple

Pre Offer Enquiry

Before making an offer on a dental practice or pharmacy, we can initiate discussions with lenders to gauge their interest in financing your acquisition. Our team will compile a business case detailing the current status of the target business and your plans for its future growth. This allows us to approach lenders confidently, ensuring you receive the most competitive terms possible. Upon review, lenders will provide 'Indicative Terms,' outlining key aspects of the proposed loan, such as the amount, term, fees, and interest rates. This stage is akin to obtaining a decision in principle, offering valuable insights without undergoing any formal credit check.

Offer Accepted

Once your offer is accepted, we'll guide you through the full application process. Together with the lender, we'll discuss their requirements and establish timelines. Following underwriting by the lender's credit team, you'll receive a formal offer of finance, subject to a satisfactory valuation of the business.

Supporting You Until Completion

We understand that purchasing a practice or pharmacy can be challenging. Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with personalized support until the day of completion. With a focus on building lasting relationships and delivering excellent service, we aim to be your trusted partner for all your financial needs.

Excellent Service

We base everything we do around delivering excellent service and building relationships with our clients.

Established Relationships

When it comes to getting deals over the line, a strong working relationship with the people making the decision goes a long way. Knowing the right solution so we're not wasting time and getting things done once you have found the practice or pharmacy you want.

Full Menu Of Services

We are directly authorised with the FCA. This means, as well as your commercial funding requirements, we can also help with many other financial service needs. Such as personal mortgages and insurances.

In House Insurance Advice

As we are also FCA regulated insurance brokers, it means we can assist in arranging any life insurance that may be required as a condition of your loan.

Healthcare Finance - important considerations

Term Of The Loan

We'll work with you to determine the most suitable loan term based on factors such as affordability and the nature of the acquisition.

Loan To Value

Healthcare transactions typically attract favourable lending terms. Depending on the structure of the deal, we can help you achieve competitive loan-to-value ratios.


In simple terms, ‘affordability’ or 'serviceability' refers to the ability to make repayments on a loan. This is established on a case by case basis but is ultimately driven by the business, not the individual.

Specialist Lenders

With our in-depth knowledge of the lending landscape, we'll identify lenders who specialize in financing dental practices and pharmacies, ensuring you access the most suitable funding options.

What documents will I need to provide?

With any healthcare finance application, initially we will typically need:

To facilitate the financing process, we'll require essential documents and information, including identification, financial statements, and evidence of deposit funds. The sooner you provide these, the faster we can secure indicative terms and proceed with your acquisition. Ready to take the next step in purchasing a dental practice or pharmacy? Contact us today to discuss your financing needs and start the journey towards practice ownership.

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